An Explanation of the Castle Events

@ the Castle is an evangelical initiative in Ireland to expose young adults to good Bible teaching. The driving ethos behind all the “@ the Castle” events is that God speaks to his church today through faithful exposition of the Bible.

Half-yearly Weekend Retreats

When God’s word is opened, read, and faithfully explained, God speaks. Centred around Bible talks that are faithful to the text, relevant and engaging, the Castle weekends seek to encourage young adults in their Christian faith, and help them live for Jesus, wherever they serve God. It’s called ‘@ the Castle’ because … well … it’s at a Castle!

Other important elements in the weekends include: God-centered praise; prayer and fellowship groups where folk are encouraged to discuss passages from the book being studied; and a substantial bookstall promoted by challenging, punchy, and humorous (at least we think so) book reviews.

A weekend suitable for 20s + 30s.